About Us

NewConnections is an organisation which provides support for prisoners and ex-offenders with addiction and/or mental health challenges who are preparing for Parole or release after a substantial period of imprisonment.

NewConnections provides support and guidance in prison through individual and group counselling sessions and the agreement of individual recovery plans to give the ex-offender the opportunity to recover from his/her addiction and change the direction of their life away from drugs and crime.




Dean grew up in Stratford, East London and became involved in alcohol, drugs and crime at an early age. By the age of 18 he had already served time in custody and from that age for 20 years, he was in full blown addiction and crime, sometimes violent crime, so that he served more time in prison than out.

At the age of 38, after another violent crime, he received an IPP (Indeterminate Public Protection) sentence and eventually served 10 years 5 months in prison.

In February 2017 he started a recovery programme in prison, facilitated with others by one of our Founders and and he has stayed clean from the day that programme started. He attended every session of the 6 week course, and acted as a Peer Supporter for two more which was vital in a parole board decision to release him to a residential rehab unit in Hull.

Dean successfully graduated from that programme after 5 months and is now living in his own house for the first time, with his new partner Fey who is expecting their baby. Dean is working as a volunteer with New Connections and wants to pass on his message of hope to those still in prison and caught in the cycle of addiction and crime.

Dean has quite simply turned his life around through getting into recovery and sticking close to others who are following the same path: he is an inspiration to us all.


Danielle grew up in Blackpool, Lancashire and had a violent and abusive upbringing. She became involved in alcohol, drugs and crime at an early age and had a criminal record by the age of 12.

At the age of 24 Danielle received a mandatory life sentence and after release in 2015 started to put her life back together but unfortunately found it difficult to adjust without help finding herself back in the grip of addiction to drugs and alcohol within 3 years.

After 2 recalls to custody help was offered by a referral from her lawyer to Ted Baillie of New Connections . Danielle was successful in her parole hearing, following a period of close support and report from Ted, and released to Acorn Recovery rehab in Burnley to address her addictions which again was helped by both the funding and rehab place being initiated by New Connections. She has now opened the door to many opportunities and is passionate about helping other prisoners become the best version of themselves in the future. Danielle is now a volunteer for New Connections.


What We Do



NewConnections support starts in prison with a comprehensive assessment of the client’s needs and an agreement on his/her treatment plan. This will be followed by individual and group therapies as appropriate as well as client attendance at self help fellowship meetings.


Preparation for release

We work with the client to ensure appropriate housing is in place on release as well as the required level of therapeutic intervention which may include residential rehabilitation and/or attendance at NewConnections day centre for individual or group sessions. NewConnections also prepares a report for Parole wherever this is required and are available to attend Parole hearings as expert witness.


support after release

Support post release includes meeting the client from the prison gate and escorting them to initial appointments which may include Probation, local DIP team and taking the client to their agreed accommodation. Thereafter the support will be ongoing and will include counselling, mentoring and support in connecting with the desired fellowship group(s) and finding an appropriate sponsor.


Life in recovery

NewConnections intention is to provide support for ex-offenders so that they can make the fundamental changes necessary to live happy and fulfilling lives. This will be based on a life free from drugs and crime and the bondage to that lifestyle. The support will include Family specialists who will facilitate the rebuilding of connections with healthy family members which may have been badly damaged or even lost.




If you would like to keep updated with the work we are doing, who we are working with and stories from ex-offenders that we work with, register below. If you have any questions you can always email us at

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