For those living on a life license there are added issues, that we in New Connections are well aware of. We have many years experience working with this cohort of people.

Living life on a license

Life sentenced prisoners, IPP sentenced prisoners and recalled prisoners need to get approval from the Parole Board before they can be released. Prisoners who have had, or still have, problems with substance abuse or addiction, find this process especially challenging. Our clients come to us directly or by referral from their lawyers. Over one hundred lawyers from all over the country have made referrals to us since we were founded in 2018.

New Connections work with men and women, and currently have clients in over 25 prisons up and down the country, during the months building up to a Parole Board hearing to help prepare a plan for dealing with addiction issues.

Effect of Knock Backs

For IPP prisoners the psychological trauma of knock-backs is huge, we work with our clients to help them with this and also to write a report and plan to present to the parole board to try to demonstrate the readiness and suitability of our clients for release

Our Process

We focus on four main areas when we work with our clients:



Support starts in prison with a comprehensive assessment of the client’s needs 
An agreement on his/her treatment plan. 
Followed by individual and group therapies as appropriate 
Client attendance at self help fellowship meetings.



We work with the client to ensure appropriate housing is in place on release
Ensure the required level of therapeutic intervention which may include residential rehabilitation
And/or attendance at New Connections  for individual or group sessions.
New Connections also prepares a report for Parole wherever this is required and are available to attend Parole hearings as expert witness.



Meeting the client from the prison gate and escorting them to initial appointments which may include Probation, local DIP team and taking the client to their agreed accommodation. 
Ongoing support will include counselling, mentoring and support in connecting with the desired fellowship group(s)
Finding an appropriate sponsor



New Connections intention is to provide support for ex-offenders so that he/she can make the fundamental changes necessary to live happy and fulfilling lives. 
Based on a life free from drugs and crime and the bondage to that lifestyle. 
The support will include Family specialists who will facilitate the rebuilding of connections with healthy family members which may have been badly damaged or even lost.

The Recall Process

IPP prisoners are often stuck in a recall cycle where their route to full integration back into society is hindered by the realities of living on a license. At New Connections we focus heavily on post release support whether that is utilising our partners or providing support with our mentorship programme or through our consultants one-to-one support with their clients, we work closely with the probation services to help build relationships. 

Do you know someone who needs help?

If you know of someone who needs help please use the referral form here.
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