Post release

The support individuals get after release is vital to their success and also integral to their reintegration into society. If you need support please contact us.

Post release support

Men and women who have longstanding problems with substance abuse, whether drugs or alcohol, almost always need to become abstinent and to embrace recovery if they are to change the behaviours which have led them to prison.

New Connections recognises that ‘recovery’ means more than just being abstinent. We therefore facilitate ex-offenders in joining NA or AA and attending meetings and finding a sponsor as well as providing an introduction to a potential mentor who can be available to help and advise the client as they rebuild their life in the community.

We offer a variety of services including 'meet at gate', mentoring, phone support, helping our clients get to their meetings and helping them to develop their plans going forward.

We are also building our partnership network to help cover those services that we do not yet have the provisions to cover. If you want to access any of our partners services please contact us and we can facilitate this for you.

Free post release training sessions

We offer a variety of FREE training sessions for our clients upon release that help them with basic life skills. We also have available a training trajectory that after usually 6 months and completion of the basic training they can train to become a volunteer with New Connections.

All training courses are a 12 week course, in a modular form so you can start at any point in the twelve weeks. They are run weekly and if you complete the course you will recieve a certificate. They are run online but will also be available to call in to the course for those who do not have access to video call facilities or do not wish to.

The details, links and times of all our courses are below

Course Level One: Life skills

Day/Time: Tuesday 11am - 11.45am 
Phone Number: +44 208 080 6592
Passcode: 502939

Course Level TWO: Life skills

Day/Time: Wednesday 11am - 11.45am 
Phone Number: +44 208 080 6592
Passcode: 930142

Training to be a NC volunteer

Day/Time: Thursday 11am - 11.45am 
Phone Number: +44 208 080 6592
Passcode: 054176
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