Tammy’s Story – Client

Hi Ted hope u are all good 👍 I’m so happy Steve met me today…… he goes above and beyond I feel I relate to him on many levels especially anxiety addiction and ipp he knows exactly wot it’s like and wot we been through he told me how much u care about me and he really had invested in me even when he’s wiv family he still gives me time I went through step one only a bit I need to learn to trust step one is intense it’s amazing u found him to help me coz it’s helped ……. I’ve arranged to see him Wednesday…… he’s gonna do more step one ……I’m a bit overwhelming feeling intense emotions not using wiv my border line personality for the first time in my life I’m feeling what it’s like to be me it’s intense I’m grateful all wot u do for me he’s taking me to a meeting Wednesday…… he come today which really supported my head ted I’m happy u got someone I can relate and understands I will leave it with u but he’s doing a fantastic job and I lm cool calm and content today living life on life’s terms gods will god bless take care 😉😀

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